Electric Glitter

Amanda bursts up pointing, “Daddy look, there’s one!!” My sightline follows her tiny arm. “Do you see it daddy?”

“Oh my word, yes I do honey.” Of all imaginable things there stands a unicorn grazing in the meadow below. With each step electric glitter falls from its underbelly.

“Daddy catch it for me. Will you catch if for me daddy?” Elated words mirrored with an endearing mini bounce, glimmering glitter surrounds my baby girl.


“Nine what? I need to lasso that unicorn. I need a truck!  Where is all that damn noise coming from?”

“Ten, and the winner is ….”

Written for the weekly Friday Fictioneers hosted by our gracious host Rochelle Wisoff – Fields. This week’s prompt is from J. Hardy Carroll. Read other takes and enter your own here

25 thoughts on “Electric Glitter

  1. There’s some lovely things in your story, Dan.
    First off, I loved the inclusion of a unicorn in a boxing story; that’s a brilliant idea. Then the line “Elated words mirrored with an endearing mini bounce” is just such a beautiful way of describing a little girl’s excited request.
    Then “electric glitter” – far out, man!
    Then “I need to lasso that unicorn” which juxtaposes the practical with the mythical.
    And finally, your twist at the end, when you reveal that these are the thoughts of a KOd boxer.
    And as for ‘kind of clunky’ – not a bit of it. You tell the tale fluently and smoothly.
    Well done indeed!

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  2. I was a bit slow on the uptake here, Dan, but I agree with others that it’s a lovely take on a knock out. I love Dad’s practicality kicking in, thinking of ways to lasso a unicorn – and so surreal, just as dreams are. Great, original take on the prompt

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    1. The story sort of popped into my head when I woke. I think that explains the groggy not sure what’s going on approach. I purposely do not read any FF stories until I publish. Thanks for reading Electric Glitter and your kind review.

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  3. No, the story isn’t from a weird perspective, it’s from a delightfully different perspective. The bounce of the excited child, the addition of counting before we know why, the glitter, everything lines up perfectly for the reveal at the end. Very nicely done.

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