Squirrel Head Gumbo

Chicot (She-co) State Park is within the boundaries of Evangeline Parish, Louisiana. Now I’ve never tried squirrel gumbo or squirrel head soup, so I can’t knock it, but it is a pretty big deal here. So much so the schools in Evangeline Parish are closed on the opening day of squirrel season. Our campground hosts, Dave and Patty have squirrel in their freezer. I know this because they showed us. They too sold their home, and are full time RV’ers. I’m sure for political reasons the special school closing for “Squirrel Day” was recently changed to “Budget Day”.

Dave Patty
Dave and Patty, Campground hosts

We walked the park arboretum. A beautiful 90 minute hike. Leaving the arboretum we (I) took a wrong turn, upon correction Deb spotted an alligator. That was exciting. It’s been said, “One good turn deserves another.


The month of October is Parktober month in LA. State Parks.  Camping is discounted 45%. Site #67 is costing $17 per night. In addition to Parktober, Halloween also creates a big draw in the LA State Parks. The local town kids join the park kids and everyone goes camper-to-camper trick or treating. It was a lot of fun handing out candy and seeing the costumes. Our 140 candy bars only lasted 45 minuets. Our neighbors Russ and Jan had more than enough to cover for us. It was great fun.

Saturday was a full day. Arboretum in the morning, trick-or-treat in the after noon, and Cajun music in the evening. We drove 27 miles and for $5 per ticket we went to the production of “RENDEZ VOUS des CAJUN” at the Liberty Theater in Eunice, LA. I did not know that an accordion can only play in two keys. Fun Fact: Deb’s mom played an accordion.

8 thoughts on “Squirrel Head Gumbo

      1. Thanks for checking in Gina. The new rig IS working out great. Except for the bathroom fan. We are in Alexandria, LA waiting for parts. Last night we had tornado warnings. “There’s no place like home.”


  1. Sounds like everything is going according to plan. I was surprised that your candy lasted through 45 minuets. Were they performed on the accordian?

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  2. Going according to plan???? Ha ha,, heavens no. Verizon and I have been trying for 3 weeks to connect. We are 140 miles away from a service dealer waiting for parts. Last night a lumber company was burning stumps smoking up the environment. SD did not like how we submitted paperwork for our trailer. So we are turning to plan “B” God’s in control and “In God we trust.” BTW,,, we ate a big bowl of FroYo before the Cajan music started. No candy needed.


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