“Where are we going?” “I dunno, where is your heart leading you?”

Boca Grande

There was only one ask, “Be at the dock by 10:00 am.”  “Gee gosh, you mean I have to set an alarm?  Punta Gorda is a two hours drive away!  Well OK, if I have too.”  Getting up early has its rewards.

Coincidently my brother Bill and his wife Vicky were vacationing in Punta Gorda, Florida. Vicky’s brother, Tony, graciously invited Deb and I on a boat ride.   The drive from North Orlando to Punta Gorda was an easy Saturday morning drive.  Our host and hostess, Tony and Janice blessed us with a boat ride, indoor pool, and hot tub experience.  Brother Bill blessed everyone with an awesome lunch at a Punta Grande Marina.  The whole day was one of those, “I’m rich with friends, and glad to be alive type day.”

It’s just fun saying, “Withlacoochee.”

Rainbow Springs.

I should have more photos, we were there for hours.      Dan <– Slacker

2 thoughts on ““Where are we going?” “I dunno, where is your heart leading you?”

  1. That looked like a very good day! It makes me so happy that you and Deb are experiencing so many great things. Keep them coming!


    1. Thanks Someone (SD), we are actually having MANY good day’s. Silly me,,,, sometimes my fingers move faster than my thoughts, not often, but sometimes. I named Janice – Marcia in the Boca Grande story. (correction has been made) My bad Janice, I hope you can forgive me. ;-D an


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