“Fire it up boys!”

I like the whole DIY approach. As a kid watching my dad replace the family cars brake shoes I asked, “How do you know how to do that?” He answered, “I figure if some guy put this together, it should be able to be taken apart and put back together again. And a lot of times you can read about how it’s done.” Dad was an airline mechanic, and I thought he could fix anything with a crescent wrench and some WD 40.

I shut down our radiant heat boiler in the spring and fire it up in the fall. This fall it did not fire up. Bummer. The pilot light would not stay lit. Past experience told me the thermal couple was bad. So for $6.50 I bought another one and installed it along with cleaning the firebox, and heat tubes.

Earlier in the year I had heard a scratching noise in the exhaust flue, I waited till now to inspect it. I was expecting a dead squirrel, but found some twigs instead. I suspect a bird tried making a nest in the flue. It had to have been difficult flying 6 feet in and out of a 5” tube. The bird eventually gave up and flew away.

After 90 minutes of DYI we had a working pilot light, clean boiler, and clear a flue. Thanks dad.

boiler-fix.jpg  46k--stick.jpg

boiler-twig.jpg  boiler-flame.jpg