What A Mesh!

The rightful owners were bewildered to see half of the holding nets were missing, empty, or torn. The flamboyant well-healed dealers with their exotic cars, also gone. The wonderful elegant parties are now subparagraphs in legal documents. Boisterous loud condemning complaints, have given way to disappointed mutterings resembling self worth mutilation. How could a rational… Continue reading What A Mesh!

The First Circle

“Grasshopper, notice how each circle powers its partner.” “Yes master, I see."  "Master, some wheels move faster, why?”  “The circle of life is greater for those who live longer Grasshopper.”  “Master, is that why you move more slowly?”  With the increasing weight of time in his bones, Master Zhou closes his aged eyes, and magically produces a tri-fold… Continue reading The First Circle

The Extra Zero

“Those dammed Himalayan Kerchoos.” Church deacon Samantha’s self-scolding was enough to make her blush. She had always been a stickler for details. Planning a luncheon date required a minimum of two day’s notice. She often ate alone. “Stupid purchasing job!” “I was happy, my income was sufficient.” Looking towards the window she wished to relive… Continue reading The Extra Zero

The Final Blow

With hammer in hand and gripped for the blow. My umpteenth visit to uncle Harold’s abandoned farmstead produced little fruit. Disposal is everlasting. I was uncle Harry’s favorite runner. My sister his favorite dancer, and the favorites list went on. Mom questioned Harold’s judgment. Firecrackers, slingshots, and coming home after dark my friend, my uncle… Continue reading The Final Blow