Das Dutchman Essenhaus

We spent five day’s at the Holiday Inn Express in Goshen, IN.  Our travel trailer was having warrantee work done.  Forest River, the manufacturer of our travel trailer did pay for our stay.  The crew did nice work, and the leaky side out was satisfactorily repaired.  Since the repair we have been in several rainstorms,… Continue reading Das Dutchman Essenhaus

Franconia Notch

Interstate 93 becomes a Super Two Parkway at Franconia Notch.  The speed limit drops from 70 MPH to 45 MPH.  It’s one of two Super-2 parkways in the United States.  “Super Two’s” may be used in cases where environmental concerns are prevalent.  This is a beautiful area, 25 MPH would have been fine with me. I’m familiar with… Continue reading Franconia Notch

This Is Not My Dolly

I’m becoming more and more a fan of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt.  Eleanor’s commitment to humanity, and Franklin’s leadership qualities stand out if you look for them.  As we visit the Federal, State, and Army Corp of Engineers facilities often we see plaques commemorating the services of the Civilian Conservation Corps, (CCC).  The early 1930’s… Continue reading This Is Not My Dolly

Money, Trails, and Books

We were camped in Newport, ME for a one-day stop and go.  Camden looked like an interesting place to see, so we drove the extra hour and checked it out.  We hiked Camden Hills State Park trail for several hours before dropping down into the town.  It proved to be a fun town.  There is… Continue reading Money, Trails, and Books

Tides, Eleanor, and Howe

From Lubec, ME To Campobello Canada Lubec, ME is located on a peninsula overlooking an excellent ice-free harbor, the town was first settled about 1775.  Fun fact – in 1897 Reverend Prescott Jernegan and Charles Fisher from Martha's Vineyard claimed to have developed a method of using "accumulators" to get gold from sea water.  The scheme attracted investors… Continue reading Tides, Eleanor, and Howe

One Week = 168 Hours

Efficiency I need to be more efficient.  I mean gee whizz there is 168 hours in every week, and here I am trying to post a month old adventure.   What have I been doing this past month?  I thought it would make sense to keep this digital diary in chronological order.  Four months ago the… Continue reading One Week = 168 Hours

Rockport, MA – Destination Town

Having fun can really slow us down.   It was the middle of May and we were still in Virginia. I’m pretty sure June and July will be on schedule.   What about our plan to visit Earl in Maryland, Pete in Massachusetts, the coast of Maine, Niagara Falls in New York, and then circle back to Minnesota… Continue reading Rockport, MA – Destination Town

Blue Ridge Parkway, NC

Blue Ridge Parkway Visitor Center After World War II, a renewed sense of optimism coupled with relatively cheap and available gasoline put Americans in their cars and on the move.  Automobile designs such as the station wagon held growing families.  The Blue Ridge Parkway opened the region to recreational driving as more people than ever… Continue reading Blue Ridge Parkway, NC

Long Legs and Luke

Scenic Views on Skyline Drive Deb and I pulled into an overlook along the BRP, and I introduced myself to these two hikers.  One of the guys was named Luke.  Luke informed me that a hiker needs to earn a nickname when trekking the AT.  He is still “Luke.” “Long Legs”, didn’t have a name… Continue reading Long Legs and Luke

Sherando National Forest, Virginia

Good Gig Mike and Eileen have an interesting gig going on. Both are private chefs. They contract with B&B facilities in Colorado, and on the East Coast.  For ten years they have been traveling back and forth between the shoulder seasons.  Vacationing skiers in Colorado (6 months), and the Vanderbilt types (4 months) along the East Coast. … Continue reading Sherando National Forest, Virginia