The Rio Grande Valley

We experienced a RV mishap in Tennessee.  I was purging the black water tank, only to discover that a small amount of water froze in a water line.  That in turn blocked the passage-way into the black water tank.  Water sprayed from a hidden plumbing connection point, pooled, and started running across the bathroom floor. … Continue reading The Rio Grande Valley

The Sleeping Preacher

On our way to Millersburg, Indiana for warrantee work to be completed on the travel trailer we visited our dear friends, Marcia and Ellis in Kalona, Iowa.  Everything seems innocent enough, right?  We set up camp at the Kalona city campground, and Googled for a restaurant.  Deb picked “Marilyn’s Country Cafe.”  We drove the route. … Continue reading The Sleeping Preacher

Niagara – Barrel of Fun

As a kid I saw a movie where Anthony Quinn played the role of a daredevil, and goes over Niagara Falls in a barrel. How cool is that?  That intrigued me, and I have wanted to see Niagara Falls ever since.   The day we visited Niagara Falls coincidently a man survived his trip over the… Continue reading Niagara – Barrel of Fun

Vermont – Boot Hill and Prayer

I have done a lousy job documenting our travels.  The apostle Paul had a scribe capturing his travels through the Mediterranean.  I have a phone full of photos, and six more states of stories, (New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin) I’m anxious because now I'm sure many won’t make it to print.  Gosh,… Continue reading Vermont – Boot Hill and Prayer

This Is Not My Dolly

I’m becoming more and more a fan of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt.  Eleanor’s commitment to humanity, and Franklin’s leadership qualities stand out if you look for them.  As we visit the Federal, State, and Army Corp of Engineers facilities often we see plaques commemorating the services of the Civilian Conservation Corps, (CCC).  The early 1930’s… Continue reading This Is Not My Dolly

Money, Trails, and Books

We were camped in Newport, ME for a one-day stop and go.  Camden looked like an interesting place to see, so we drove the extra hour and checked it out.  We hiked Camden Hills State Park trail for several hours before dropping down into the town.  It proved to be a fun town.  There is… Continue reading Money, Trails, and Books

Quoddy Head – Most Eastern Point

Eastport, Maine was just across the bay from our campground, but it took over an hour to get there.  Supposedly it had a fantastic bakery, and we wanted Blueberry Pie.  We never found the fantastic bakery, and settled for a lame Blueberry turnover.   We learned Eastport was the setting for the Fox Television’s filming of… Continue reading Quoddy Head – Most Eastern Point

Tides, Eleanor, and Howe

From Lubec, ME To Campobello Canada Lubec, ME is located on a peninsula overlooking an excellent ice-free harbor, the town was first settled about 1775.  Fun fact – in 1897 Reverend Prescott Jernegan and Charles Fisher from Martha's Vineyard claimed to have developed a method of using "accumulators" to get gold from sea water.  The scheme attracted investors… Continue reading Tides, Eleanor, and Howe

One Week = 168 Hours

Efficiency I need to be more efficient.  I mean gee whizz there is 168 hours in every week, and here I am trying to post a month old adventure.   What have I been doing this past month?  I thought it would make sense to keep this digital diary in chronological order.  Four months ago the… Continue reading One Week = 168 Hours

Sightseeing in Gloucester, MASS

Tides It was in the Cape Ann, Gloucester, Rockport area where I started to appreciate ocean tides. Seeing the vast area and height with which they affect the seascape, helped me to appreciate being by an ocean shore.  The Perfect Storm novel also went into great detail of how tides and currents come into play when… Continue reading Sightseeing in Gloucester, MASS