From Minnesota to Texas, and Beyond

Yesteryear my sister, Leslie, and her then young family moved from Minnesota to Texas.  My earliest memory of that move was a phone conversation with Les telling me of a morning breakfast some thirty-seven years ago.  “Hi, Les how ya doing?”  With a perfectly normal Minnesota accent I hear, “You would not believe what happened… Continue reading From Minnesota to Texas, and Beyond

Vieques 2014

The video is a compilation of still shots using a Ken Burns style of motion, sound tracks, short videos.  Apple redesigned their iMovie program so much so I have not wanted to work in that medium for years.  Someday I will learn it all over again. As of yet, someday is a way's off. Note video… Continue reading Vieques 2014

Baby You’re No Good

On New Years Eve 1974 twelve inches of snow fell in Minneapolis, Minnesota. My long time friend Earl and I were doing what kids do, drinking tea and playing pinochle, kidding. It was almost midnight and being average outgoing Minnesota teens we left the warmth of one party, and set out to find another. We threw… Continue reading Baby You’re No Good

Gazebo Build

At the Bohnarosa we believe in freedom.  For example, freedom from bondage is a good thing, but we also have free-range mosquitoes. The little suckers arrive in June and fly free until September. A short walk from the garage to the bird feeder is an exercise in performing arts.  Slap the neck, slap the forearm, slap the shoulder,… Continue reading Gazebo Build