The Sleeping Preacher

On our way to Millersburg, Indiana for warrantee work to be completed on the travel trailer we visited our dear friends, Marcia and Ellis in Kalona, Iowa.  Everything seems innocent enough, right?  We set up camp at the Kalona city campground, and Googled for a restaurant.  Deb picked “Marilyn’s Country Cafe.”  We drove the route. … Continue reading The Sleeping Preacher

“Where are we going?” “I dunno, where is your heart leading you?”

Boca Grande There was only one ask, “Be at the dock by 10:00 am.”  “Gee gosh, you mean I have to set an alarm?  Punta Gorda is a two hours drive away!  Well OK, if I have too.”  Getting up early has its rewards. Coincidently my brother Bill and his wife Vicky were vacationing in… Continue reading “Where are we going?” “I dunno, where is your heart leading you?”

Port Richey And Me

This Christmas our ever extending weekend was spent at Suncoast RV Resort in Port Richey, FL.  Very nice place, with outdoor laundry, heated swimming pool, Wi-Fi all the creature comforts necessary for glamping (glamour + camping).  Curt is part of the resorts staff, and he also runs a Kayak tour business.  He pointed us in the… Continue reading Port Richey And Me