Blue Ridge – First Steps

Morganton Point Recreation Area - National Forest Deep within the Chattahoochee National Forest in Northeast Georgia lies an incredible camping and recreation opportunity. Morganton Point Recreation Area sits on the shores of Lake Blue Ridge.  The campground hosts, Mike and Jessica are the second couple we have met that contract with the Workamper organization.  Basically… Continue reading Blue Ridge – First Steps

“Where are we going?” “I dunno, where is your heart leading you?”

Boca Grande There was only one ask, “Be at the dock by 10:00 am.”  “Gee gosh, you mean I have to set an alarm?  Punta Gorda is a two hours drive away!  Well OK, if I have too.”  Getting up early has its rewards. Coincidently my brother Bill and his wife Vicky were vacationing in… Continue reading “Where are we going?” “I dunno, where is your heart leading you?”