Do You Like My Drawers?

Planning a project, shopping for lumber and hardware, power equipment, and the smell of fresh-cut lumber. “Mmmmmm, I love the smell of fresh cut wood in the morning.” . . .  “and coffee” . . .  “and bacon". . .  "and eggs.”  I’m talkin’ quality “Me time.” A simple improvement to the travel trailer would… Continue reading Do You Like My Drawers?

My Children

Anger is simmering along side Felicie Boucher’s passionate fascination of family roots. Touring France with Georgette, the self-proclaimed family historian she hears of yet another war memorial. “Felicie, your great grandfather Philippe Boucher’s memorial is there, second column twenty-fifth name from the top.” 104 years earlier Philippe never saw the adrenaline charged 30 centimeter bayonet… Continue reading My Children