Akeley, MN

This summer was the first time we spent an extended period of time camping by a lake.  Now we understand why people like living on a lake.  What made our summer exceptionally enjoyable, is the sound of fun. We rented a seasonal camp site in Akeley, MN for the summer.   Deb found and secured the camp site last March when we were in Arizona deciding how to handle our Covid-19 experience.  That led me to finding poison ivy in Minnesota.

We parked our summer home (Travel Trailer) on Howard Lake, at Moore Spring’s Resort. The resort sported eight cabins, a mix of park model trailers, and RV campsites, twenty-eight in total.  The resort hosted first time vacationing families, and many annual return families.  It was common to visit with guests who have been enjoying the serenity and fun at the resort for five years or more.  One family has returned annually for forty-five years.  We suspect the dad, age forty-four was conceived there.  The resort is three miles from the most-busy black top road.  The constant din of human progress was way, way off in the distance.  If not for the late-night trucker applying his jake brake, the only expected sound would be that of a loon calling into the night.  Daytime was very different. Kids ran, yelled, swam, rode bike, and screamed while being pulled on a water toy behind a fast-moving boat.  Each week a new chorus of screams, and squeals arrived. Fun noise. 

We didn’t travel during the summer.  We did our part staying Covid free in our 288 square foot hideout.  Well,,,, that’s not true, we did venture out some.  We went on a tour boat ride at Itasca State Park, headwaters of the Mississippi.  We hung out with friends who were vacationing in upper Minnesota.  We drove to the cites and visited, rode bike, and hiked with friends.

The paved Paul Bunyan, and Heartland bike trails are over 200 miles in length, and one of the trailhead’s was located at the most-busy road, only three miles from the resort.   Heading out from different trailheads we totaled more than 350 miles of bike riding on the local Rails to Trails bike paths.  When it got warm, we kayaked 14 different lakes.  As the cooler September weather set in, we started hiking the North Country National Scenic Trail. The trail crosses many states, and is thousands of miles in length.  We spotted many deer in the area, several bears, three otters, and some snapping turtles.  

We attended a funeral, a wedding, and were baptized in Howard Lake.  The husband and wife owners of Moore Spring’s Resort happened to both be ministers.  Sunday’s entailed a sermon which transitioned into a “What’s on your mind?”, bible study.   Mom celebrated her 90th birthday absent of family members, my sister retired.  My brother also retired and moved to a lake place.  Deb’s two sister’s moved to new digs, we visited both.  Covid-19 initiated a lot of change this very busy summer. 

Dinning out was a bit challenging.  With our tighty white’es (Face masks manufactured by Hanes) and sitting outdoors as often as possible, we accomplished that small obstacle with success.  Ice cream venders are everywhere, no challenge there.  We enjoyed our summer of activity, and rest, so much so we leased our same site for the 2021 season.  Each season rents from May,1 – October, 1.   

For several years we have been kicking around the idea of joining an RV travel club.  Thousand Trails has an annual membership fee, and the benefit is having the ability to stay at certain RV resorts for no cost, or low cost. This should work out pretty well.  Our 2020 – 2021 exploration season will be southern Florida, starting in Port Richey, Fort Myers Beach, and then onto the Keys.    The daily RV rental sites in this highly desirable and sought-after destination vary from $65.00 to $95.00.  To date we have secured over $3,400 of reservations for our buy in cost of $600.00.  There are many caveat’s built into our Thousand Trails camping pass purchase.  We will evaluate the membership at the one-year mark.  I heard a great exploration quote this past year, “You don’t know, until you go.” 


Out And About In Akeley, MN


Out And About Nevis, Akeley, Walker, Hackensack, MN


Friends and Relative’s 


Nephews Wedding, Congratulations Jeff and Jessie


Riot Free Bike Riding in Minneapolis

4 thoughts on “Akeley, MN

  1. Such AWESOME photos!! Thanks for sharing! Missing you guys! ❤

    On Tue, Oct 20, 2020 at 7:03 AM Living In Eternity wrote:

    > Dan Bohn posted: ” This summer was the first time we spent an extended > period of time camping by a lake. Now we understand why people like living > on a lake. What made our summer exceptionally enjoyable, is the sound of > fun. We rented a seasonal camp site in Akeley, MN f” >


    1. Thanks Sharon. Enjoy Texas, we are heading to FL for the 2020-2021 snowbird season. I really liked being a Winter Texan. It sounded,,,,,, well it sounded more humane, more so than “Snowbird”.


  2. Great pictures Dan, we were up near you in August. My parents used to live just west of Nevis (Mantrap Lake) when they retired. We still get up there every year for fishing and deer hunting. Maybe I’ll bump into you next year. Take care.


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