No Shoes

“I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet”  –  Helen Keller

So you had a bad day. I get it, we all get it. Here is another perspective of your bummer day/week/year. This is public information, it’s out there, it’s on the internet. It’s mine, it’s Susan’s, and it is yours to think about. Susan Briscoe has a blog site titled   “The Death Project”     She has terminal cancer and courage to document.   My sister Les passed away about a year ago due to cancer.  Susan is unsure about the truth of an after life.  I responded on her blog with my insight as follows.   (Posted with permission)

Dear Susan,

Bless you for your courage and diligence on confronting death. The Latin word for possible is possibilis, literally meaning, “What can be done?” It has connotations of power, capability, and capacity. You Susan are expressing the word possibilis perfectly.

A year ago last November, my wife and I visited with my sister. It was a precious time. The day we arrived in Texas I sat on the couch next to Les, her shoulder was touching mine. Quietly we sat holding hands.   In a short time I told her I could feel her spirit, and asked is she could feel mine? She said, “Yes.” Two day’s later before we left I was compelled to rest my left hand on her bald head, and hold her left hand in mine. We did not speak. She could not. I felt her spirit doing a happy dance with mine. That was my last visit, and last conversation with Les.

Death also met me 20 years ago. My weight had gone from 202lbs to 118. My colon had been removed, and peritonitis took over. Eleven weeks in the hospital and faith the size of one half, of one half, of a mustard seed was enough to extend my days to now. I had an epiphany, and God’s healing hand touched me. I love your conviction to speak of death. Everyone will share this life event. There is no getting around it. You are a brave soul, with a kind spirit Susan.

Addressing your post Ask Me Anything #8: Afterlife: This is my belief. One day I too will take my last determining breath, and find myself before Jesus. He will rest his hand on my shoulder, and say to God, “I know this man.” And as a child of God I too will inherit the kingdom along with all his other undeserving children. You asked, and as crazy as all that sounds, it is what I know. It is my faith that gives my soul the permission to believe. This free gift, this inheritance is available to everyone. Keep posting Susan. You are a true treasure.

With Joy,

Dan Bohn


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