Port Richey And Me

This Christmas our ever extending weekend was spent at Suncoast RV Resort in Port Richey, FL.  Very nice place, with outdoor laundry, heated swimming pool, Wi-Fi all the creature comforts necessary for glamping (glamour + camping).  Curt is part of the resorts staff, and he also runs a Kayak tour business.  He pointed us in the… Continue reading Port Richey And Me

Niceville – It’s A Blast

The popularity of state parks in Florida may be greater than our more familiar MN state parks. My guess is Floridian RV’ers combined with the snowbirds, and the warmer climate create more competition for the finite amount of campsites.  BTW - Floridian residents receive a discount of fifty percent.  South Dakotan seniors get spit.   Our… Continue reading Niceville – It’s A Blast