Puzzling Prayer

I was surfing youtube the summer of 2016, and came across a wood and nail puzzle. I found it somewhat mesmerizing, and pondered, “How did that nail get in the block of wood?” Wondering the how, is more exciting than knowing the how. I made over 50, and gave them as gifts. The gifting response varied from no comment to, “My boss borrowed it to use in a presentation about problem solving.”

My wife and I are on a prayer team in our church.   When prompted, I will gift a wood and nail puzzle to the person I prayed with. Luke 1:37 reads, “So the impossible is possible with God.” I think it is fitting knowing prayer works, not so much how it works.  Not long ago a prayer partner shared a short story with me. A guy he was visiting with said, “Hey check this out, I want to show you something.” He reached into his pocket and produced the wood and nail puzzle.  My youtube surfing effort had been confirmed.

Production line. Wood blocks are cut to shape, boiled, compressed, allowed to dry,  drilled, nail inserted, then boiled again to regain shape.
Wood blocks being boiled after nail has been inserted. Second boiling allows wood to resume original shape and size.









Wood blocks drying on top of furnace. Prior to final machining.
Ready for gifting.

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