Mystery Holes

Nature tables are found in National, State, County, City Parks and libraries among other places. I particularly like the mystery hole display. You know the kind. The sign reads, “What is it?” So you reach through the hole, feel what is inside and guess what it is.

My wife and I retired, signed up for social security, sold the house, bought a travel trailer and a very tall RAM truck. It has been five months of, “What needs to be done next?”

We are now at Lebanon Hills Regional Park, it  has a “What is it?” display. I’ve seen it, touched it, and remember it.

Friday Fictioneers, led by the admirable Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, invites 100 word stories in response to a photo prompt submitted by members of the group.  Why not join us?  Thank you Ms. Cooke for the Photo Prompt.

8 thoughts on “Mystery Holes

    1. Not a whole lot just yet. I have been busy/stressed finalizing house sale and getting the rig ready for the road. Working for the “MAN” is so much easier. Soon.


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