Love thy neighbor. Which one?  The quiet retired couple to the right of us, the loud talkers several more sites to the right, or the spring break party bunch behind us?  They are all neighbors.  This transient, nomadic life style provides for many neighbors.  We have different neighbors almost every day.  Every week or so, we are the new neighbors.

It’s fun to carry the joy of the Lord on my face.  Adults respond instantly in a genuine or passive fashion.   Kids will stare, study, and think about the moment before they decide what to do.  Steve and Nicole’s, daughter Ariana is a real charmer.  Steve works for a fast growing company that manufactures and sells high tech flight helmets.  Nicole is a full time stay at home mom.

Ariana was peeking around the edge of their tent.  I waved; she stared and studied, then waved.  Later that day Steve reported to me that the camp host had been looking for me, because of a parking violation.  The front tires of our truck were not parked on the blacktop roadway.  Bad Dan!

The three of us visited.  Ariana and I discussed favorite colors, she liked my pink shirt.  I had to correct her and let her know I prefer to call it coral. Green in particular was topic all in itself.  I did the Laurel and Hardy teeter-totter finger game; she tried to imitate the motion. It was simple fun.  The morning they were preparing to leave, I shook Ariana’s hand goodbye and said, “It was very nice to meet you.” “Yes” was her answer, as she nodded and looked me in the eyes.

We went to Walmart for supplies.  Seen a pony shopping for a tie.  It took forever to pick out something studly.

Barberville Yard Art Emporium

Even on a grey drizzly afternoon it is a bright place to spend some time.  Just looking, we have time, but no yard.

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