Unicoi State Park, GA

Hugh and Veronica also recommended Unicoi State Park as a destination.  We took advantage of the Zip Line adventure, and thus another check mark was added to the bucket list.



We did encounter a rattlesnake walking up Smith Creek trail.  There was no way around the snake.  On the left was a drop off; on the right was steep bank.  Turning around would mean another eight mile walk to our truck. Deb prayed in Jesus name for the snake to leave, but God’s timing can be so slow.   We watched and waited five minutes, then I threw a stick at it.  What could I do?  It coiled and went into strike mode, complete with a very distinct meaningful rattle. The snakes warning lasted for five minutes before it uncoiled and moved off the trail.  I wanted to go first, but Deb said, “No way if it comes out, I want to be the first one past it.”  She’s so smart.

Less threatening sights in the park.

Dam at Unicoi

Unicoi Cabin

Helen, GA – German theme town

Note air conditioner covers.


4 thoughts on “Unicoi State Park, GA

    1. Scott, I use to unhook, but I discovered that with all the momentum I gain coming down a mountain grade, there is enough speed to do an eight wheel lock up, and put on a really good show. The onlookers are very impressed. It makes Deb kind of nervous.


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