Sherando National Forest, Virginia

Good Gig

Mike and Eileen have an interesting gig going on. Both are private chefs. They contract with B&B facilities in Colorado, and on the East Coast.  For ten years they have been traveling back and forth between the shoulder seasons.  Vacationing skiers in Colorado (6 months), and the Vanderbilt types (4 months) along the East Coast.  Each time taking a month to check out different routes.   Mike and Eileen also had been chefs for Cirque du Soleil for a year and a half.  Much of the food preparation revolved around dietary restrictions associated to athletes.  Some of the performers they took care of where Olympians who placed fractions of a second behind the medalists.  They graciously accepting me lifting up their continued success, and interesting safe travel to the Lord in prayer.

Mike and Eileen

Safari Condo

I miss filed Hal and Dawns (Alto) eye-catching photo. We had actually met at Goose Point, not Sherando.  Yet the story remains the same.  ßSounds like an intro to a documentary.  They had ordered the Safari Condo, and placed on a waiting list about a year earlier.  The feature I was attracted to would be the two remote controlled motors that drive the campers wheels.  When the unit is disconnected from the tow vehicle, it can be maneuvered in tight spaces. Ingenious!  Hal and Dawn took me on a tour of their unit. One would think a tiny little camper would be a quick tour.  It had many innovative features, and they were very pleased with the purchase. Hal mentioned that used units are snapped up right away.  Hal is retired Navy, I wonder if he served on a submarine?

Click here for Alto information


Repeated Photos from “On Staff” post

Sherando Lake National Forest

Trail to Humpback Rocks

Ranger Ann

We visited with Ranger Ann at Humpback Visitor Center.  Interestingly the area had been hit by a wind storm and the facility was running on generator power.  The visitor center was so far down line, and the only user from the electric companies feed line, there were no plans to have the electric line rebuilt.  Pumps for water and the flush toilets may be reverted back to pit toilets.  “Goin’ old school. Don’t ya just miss the Good ol’ days”?  I can’t remember if we prayed with Ann about that, but faith tells me God’s in control, and it will all work out.

Ann likes traveling to different centers. She has been retired for some time, and her Forest Ranger gig is a new found passion.  Ann had done research on Humpback Rocks.  Story has it a little girl had gotten lost for days, and many people were looking for her.  When found she had several large silver nuggets in her pockets but did not remember where she found them.  Well you can imagine the excitement on several levels.  One for finding the girl, and the second looking for a lost silver mine.

Ann also had title documentation for Humpback Rocks.  The governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Joseph Johnson, grated the land to Elijah Balsley in 1853.

Note in photo of men dressed in suits.  The photo is taken in the same area Deb and I hiked to.  I’m glad formal wear is no longer required.  Don’t ya just miss the “Good ol’ days”?


MT. Torry Furnace

Mt. Torry Furnace, also known as Virginia Furnace, is a historic iron furnace located at SherandoAugusta County, Virginia. It was built in 1804, and is a stone square trapezoid measuring 30 feet at the base and 40 feet tall. The original cold-blast charcoal stack was converted for hot blast in 1853. It shut down in 1855, then was reactivated in 1863 to support the Confederate States Army. The furnace was destroyed in June 1864 during the American Civil War by Brigadier General Alfred N. Duffié, then rebuilt in January 1865. It operated until 1884.

Joe is doing OK



2 thoughts on “Sherando National Forest, Virginia

  1. Another great posting. Yes, gotta love the toilet paper setup. Your photos are calling to hit the road and new campgrounds again.


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