Quoddy Head – Most Eastern Point

Eastport, Maine was just across the bay from our campground, but it took over an hour to get there.  Supposedly it had a fantastic bakery, and we wanted Blueberry Pie.  We never found the fantastic bakery, and settled for a lame Blueberry turnover.   We learned Eastport was the setting for the Fox Television’s filming of its reality mini-series, Murder in Small Town X.  Angel Juarbe Jr. won the reality show contest, and then lost his life as a first responder to the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center.   We walked the town, stopped at the library for some 25-cent paperback novels, and had lunch in one of the two open cafés.  Next time we will choose the left one.

Click here for Murder In A Small Town information


Quoddy Head State Park is the most eastern point of the United States. Very close to where we were staying.  We hiked for about forty-five minutes, and made it back to the truck just before it started to rain. One cannot deny the ability of pleasant, sunny, calm days to make for an excellent tourist experience in these cute whimsical coastal towns.   However the stunted trees, wind beaten bare cliffs, and scrub are very telling of a harsh living environment along the Atlantic.  The men and women of seaport towns known for fishing, and commerce have earned their place in a dangerous maritime history.

Eastport, ME

Quoddy Head State Park

We wanted to fit in a walk, but a threaten storm was closing in on us. I think it was a Nor-Easter. I read about Nor-easter’s in the novel, The Perfect Storm. My imagination out matched the storm. We did get a lot of rain, accompanied by a bit of wind.

Can a person die twice?

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