This Is Not My Dolly

I’m becoming more and more a fan of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt.  Eleanor’s commitment to humanity, and Franklin’s leadership qualities stand out if you look for them.  As we visit the Federal, State, and Army Corp of Engineers facilities often we see plaques commemorating the services of the Civilian Conservation Corps, (CCC).  The early 1930’s was a tough time for the U.S.  Over a million men were offered an opportunity to engage in healthful, outdoor work on forest, park, an soil conservation projects of practical value to all the people of the nation.  The boys/men were provided housing, clothing, and three meals a day. Most of their earnings were mandatorily sent home to their families, so they could also purchase food.  Imagine – working for money, what a splendid idea.

In Maine we started looking at the map of New Hampshire, we both focused on a large green area depicting the “White Mountains”.    We eventually chose Dolly Copp Campground near Gorham as our next home base.   We stayed one night.  The park was in its third year of a three-year renovation project.  I suppose, I guess, maybe–woulda–coulda checked the Google machine for Dolly Copp information, but did not.

Most of the sites were in a state of semi completion, and only a few were useable. The roads were graded, and ready for fresh asphalt.  The campground host gave us fair warning that getting in and out may be limited to several hours a day. The black flies were horrible, and there was not a dump station.  We split the next morning and landed in Franconia, New Hampshire.

The ‘Ol Dolly Switcharoo

Short Hikes In The White Mountain’s


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