Vermont – Boot Hill and Prayer

I have done a lousy job documenting our travels.  The apostle Paul had a scribe capturing his travels through the Mediterranean.  I have a phone full of photos, and six more states of stories, (New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin) I’m anxious because now I’m sure many won’t make it to print.  Gosh, I wonder if the photos will be enough for me when I’m a hundred and four?

Physically we are back in our home state, Minnesota, rekindling relationships, being vetted, and taking care of business. This post goes back in time.  We toured an ice cream manufacturer while in Vermont.  Ben and Jerry seem like very nice guy’s,,,, using nothing but the best ingredients, non GMO pure 100% milk from all American cow’s, but the cold truth is – If it does not sell, it’s dead.  Out back, behind the factory, on top of a hill are the remains of bygone recipes.  So sorry, so sad.

The Only Ben & Jerry’s Factory Supporting Tours   (Sorry no pictures are allowed in the processing area)

VT, Burlington – North Beach Campground – City

In Burlington, Vermont I had a fun prayer experience with a lady named Katie.  She was driving her rig through the campground looking for her assigned site.  Using the campground map we figured out where and how to best line up for her site.  This was Katie’s first time having to park her thirty-foot camper, and she asked if I would back it in for her if needed.  “Of course I’ll help, but you know what?  You will be doing this many times Katie.  You made it this far, I’m sure you can do the landing part too.”   Katie appreciated the encouragement.   From the far side of the bench seat two children were monitoring mom and me; a teen was also expressing semi interest from the back seat.   “Katie, how about if we pray for the Holy Spirit to assist you help park your rig?”   With a three second hesitation, “Yes, lets do that.”  The three kids zeroed in with greater attention.   We prayed for skill, confidence, and patience to be with Katie as she set up to back into her allocated RV pad.  Katie tagged a big Amen onto the prayer and set off to the far end of the campground.   I pointed out our rig and she knew where to find me if needed.  Later Deb and I walked past her perfectly organized site and asked how everything worked out.  She was so excited to have completed her task.  “So Katie how did it go?” “It went great.” “Everything goes better with prayer.”  “Amen to that.”

Bike Ride and More


2 thoughts on “Vermont – Boot Hill and Prayer

  1. Thanks Dan, Burlington VT is beautiful. Loved your suggestion for back-in prayer assistance. Katie’s right, things always go better when we see the Lord😊


    1. Crystal, I think the kids got a kick out of the prayer time also. BTW Did you know VT does not allow bill boards along the roadways? It’s a good law, but made it harder to find a Cracker Barrel. :::smile:::


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