Liberty Calves & Trout Run Trail

Decorah, Iowa offered up some great camping and cycling.  The aptly-named Trout Run Trail crosses trout streams five times on its 11-mile loop. The easy-ranging-to-challenging route crosses incredible landscape and steep switchbacks for breathtaking views.  The Trout Run bike trail also passed the Chuck Gipp Decorah Fish Hatchery.  Speaking of passing, all the super fit body glove cyclists passing us had, “Liberty calves.”  Deb’s comment of the challenging route was, “Olympians must train here.”  It was a beautiful trail, and we made it without incident.

We also did a fair amount of hiking on the local trails during our stay at Pulpit Rock Campground.

Note – “Liberty Calves” No kidding, we seen some mighty calves on the Trout Run Trail.

We drove ten miles from Decorah to Calmar for an Iowa country experience.  The only open restaurant in Calmar was a Subway sandwich shop.  


We walked the very clean and orderly town of Decorah.

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