Border Crossing – Progreso, Mexico

Last August we returned to our homeland, Minnesota, and visited family and friends.  We also scheduled medical and dental checkups for the same month.  My gosh planning several months in advance for an August visit, that required forward thinking.  For this retiree, that was a lot of mental work.  So anyway, while here in Texas we were hearing how it’s possible to cross the border into Mexico, and have dental procedures such as fillings, crowns, posts, extractions, and cleanings.  What would Dr. Hedin think?  Would this jeopardize our thirty-year relationship?  We were both due for a six-month cleaning, so we found this as an intriguing possibility.  I had asked a number of Winter Texan’s about their Mexico dental experiences.  The whole idea of crossing the border for dental work, well it sounded so, so  – – – foreign.

We were instructed to simply drive to the Progreso border crossing, pay $2.00 to park the truck, pay another $1.00 each at the turnstiles (quarters only), walk across the bridge, locate the dentist, and then be prepared to sit in the waiting room at a dentist’s office.  There are many to choose from, but we had a referred dentist to search out.   Rumor has it that the dental offices closest to the border crossing are paying the cartel a higher fee for their prized location.  One does not call for a cleaning appointment, it’s a first come first serve arrangement.  If additional procedures are necessary, then appointments may be made.

Everything worked out perfectly.  We arrived at the border early, found the dentist, got most of the work done, paid thirty cents to get back into Texas, produced our passports, and the agent passed us right through the gate close to the parking lot.  Dumb me, because of my artificial heart valve I had forgotten to take my premed before having dental procedures performed.  So, it took two trips, two parking fees, eight extra quarters, and an extra sixty cents to do the whole trip all over again.  We both felt good about the cleaning, and the all in $60.00 cost was less than a stateside visit.  I’m on board with international dental work-share, and thankful Deb remembered my premed.

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