iMovie and Me

For years my commute to work provided an hour and a half of “me time.”  I actually liked riding the bus.  My work subsidized $80/month tax deductible bus pass provided a non-stop route to downtown Minneapolis.  During peak hours every six minutes a bus would load, and off we go.  My route dropped me one block from the work place.  NICE.

The first day riding the bus I sang, “The wheels on the bus go round and round” (not kidding) Several commuters peaked over their newspapers. The next day I did not sing, this was pre cell phone day’s.  The busses were continually upgraded over the years.  When a fresh new, and improved motor coach was added to the fleet, I would take in a deep breath, hold it, and thank the Lord for this day.  I loved and appreciated that new bus smell.   Hard plastic seats evolved to cushy recliners with cup holders, and theater lighting.  Wi-Fi and overhead storage were added, going to work was more like getting on board a plane than the hard seat school busses of yesteryear.

With some of my “me time”, I focused on learning how to make video’s using iMovie.  The bus driver would deal with traffic while I tippy tapped away with my laptop.  Traffic jam, hey what do I care,,,,, “More me time,,,,, yeaaah.”  It took months before I was comfortable building a movie clip.  Pulling together still photos and applying a Ken Burns effect, editing video clips, and adding music was really a great way to pass the time.  As technology would have it, one day I did a software update, and the whole iMovie program changed.  Buttons were different, the layout was not the same, the feel was very unbalanced.  I became frustrated with the whole thing.  In a huff I through my arms up in the air, and shoved my laptop into my backpack.  There I sat befuddled, staring straight ahead with my arms folded, I became the grumpy old guy you see on the bus.

The other day I was visiting with a Llano Grande guest who had also made videos.  This prompted me to look up my old YouTube video’s.  Now this is a real time suck, but if you have time to kill, I invite you to click on a few links, and see what I did during my bus rides.


Video line up

1  Yogi Dan

2  Hosanna teaser

3  Hosanna biker retreat

4   Vieques 2014

5   Making a kayak trailer

6   Rake and Roll

7   Birthday Biking

8   Murphy

9    That 70’s Show


Yogi Dan was my first video.  I made it for my sister Les, she did not believe I was going to an early morning yoga class.


Hosanna teaser    Hosanna biker retreat  –  Our home church has a motorcycle group that would ride every month, the second Sunday, at 1:30 PM.  I liked how it was punctual, and I could count on it happening.  We gathered in the church lot, rode for about 90 minutes, stopped for a treat, then rolled on home with riders peeling away from the group as needed.  Annually we biked to a retreat center for a weekend.


Vieques 2014 – Living in Minnesota can produce a bad case of cabin blues during the final stages of winter.  The prescription to remedy this was a ten-day vacation somewhere in the Caribbean.  Deb became very good choosing a new destination each year.


Making a kayak trailer –  For fifteen years we camped with a pickup camper.  Loading kayaks on top of the camper would have been difficult. In order to take our kayaks with us I needed to build a trailer.  This was my first movie production.  Taking the time to set up my camera and shoot a scene.  It slowed down my projects, but hey, I needed material for my commute.


Rake and Roll  – Angie, my favorite Texas niece would share videos with her kids. The kids thought they were funny.  I shot Rake and Roll with them in mind.


Birthday Biking – Of the dozen people in our then bible study group, four have birthday’s in September.   One year we celebrated their birthdays with a bicycle ride.


Murphy –   We discovered Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve and for 30 years we walked, cross country skied, and rode horse here.


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