South Padre Island, Texas

Knowing friends of our long-time bible study group were vacationing on South Padre Island this February, Deb booked rooms on the island for a week long stay.  This saved several hours of drive time each day we visited.  We visited every day for a week.

Rhonda was the point person.  She had the most connections, and familiarity with the area. We drove to the north end of the island, checked out the dunes, walked the beach, and hung out at several restaurants.  Kim, Rhonda’s sister-in-law reserved a table at Lobo Del Mar.  By far it was the most fun restaurant on the island.

Lobo Del Mar offers entertainment. The entertainment is entirely made up of relatives.  The evening went down this way.  We entered the restaurant, passed the pretty good sounding band, and were led to our table.  The table was on the deck overhanging the lagoon, setting us up for a great sunset.  We all ordered better than good tasting food.

Every evening a bag piper plays right at sunset. I’m not sure what song was played but I heard,  “Oh Danny boy,,,,, the pipes are calling.”  On our way out Belly Dancers took over the dance floor.  We had to stop and keep an eye on that.  My best guess is there were 10 dancers ranging from age thirty to ten.  The tiny dancer was so cute.  Then the band resumed and we left.  It was hard to believe, but I was assured that the performers were somehow all related.  How would you like to marry into that family?

A group of eight, six winter Texans, and two Minnesotan’s went to Progreso, Mexico, and an indoor Kite festival.  Indoor kites! How can that be?  I was expecting a bunch of fans lined up on one end.  After the ticket holders assembled in the event center, the doors were closed to prevent unexpected air flow, and the kite pilots flew their kits by walking.  These were not your twenty-dollar kits.  Some kites ranged upwards of twenty-four hundred.

Winter Texan Dave thought ahead and reserved a table at a sports bar in order to watch the Super Bowl.  We really enjoyed the close game.  Rhonda’s daughter lives in Kansas City.  That was as good a reason as any,  “Go Chiefs.”

Deb and I felt incredibly blessed the entire week.  Spending time in fellowship with Bible study friends.  Being introduced to fellow winter Texans Kathy, Dave, Roland, and Kim.  BTW, Roland is a retired Army cook, and hosted us with some of awesome BBQ ribs and shrimp.  “Ohhh life is good, and yummy.


The Dunes area

Sand blowing off the Gulf beaches forms the dunes lining the island’s eastern shore. These are known as the “fore-island dunes”. Their existence is critical to the island because they form a natural dike, which prevents storm tides from inundating and consequently destroying the grasslands. In essence, they can be thought of as the barrier in the term “barrier island”.

Lobo Del Mar, and more.


Kite Fest


Progreso, Mexico

Super Bowl Sunday

South Padre Island Birding Center

Padre Island is a crucial first landfall – a lifesaver – for birds making an arduous cross-Gulf migration from Southern Mexico and northern Central America.  The South Padre Island is a beachfront nature area providing a birding boardwalk, interactive exhibit room & observation tower.


Port Isabel

Established as a town after the Mexican War of Independence, Port Isabel became an important cotton-exporting port before the American Civil War. The harbor, town and lighthouse all were fought over and exchanged hands during the Civil War.



2 thoughts on “South Padre Island, Texas

    1. Thanks Crystal. We will be leaving Llano Grande RV park this Saturday and start venturing north and west. It’s been an absolute wonderful stay here. We will consider TX for next winter. FL was really nice too. Way more lush. It’s a challenge to live within 238 sq feet, however it’s super nice having it movable. Blessings to you and Art.


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