Terlingua – Texas

Looking at a map of Texas, its southern border follows the Rio Grande, and has two drop down areas.  The eastern drop-down hosts Brownsville, TX and is where we spent most of our 2019-2020 winter.  The western drop-down portion of the Texas border contains Big Bend National Park, and Big Bend Ranch State Park, an area of 1,738 square miles.  Together they form one of the largest contiguous areas under dark-skies protection in the United States.  Big Bend National Park (1,252 mi2), and Big Bend Ranch State Park (486 mi2). The night sky is absolutely incredible.  All outdoor lights are to be designed in such a fashion that the beam is directed towards the ground, not upward.  We complied and did not use our LED awning light.  It was an easy way to feel environmentally responsible.

The small town of Terlingua, population 58, was our home base for a week.  First, we traveled east to the state park, then south into the national park.  The area is so large and seeing points of interest is a by guess, and by gosh process. Unfortunately, our daily expedition outings were numbered because of the flu.  For a couple of days Deb toughed it out, and we did some site seeing, and measured hiking.  Then a time of rest was needed for the shivering, and fever to subside.  FYI, Mucinex® costs twice as much in Terlingua.

Adding insult to injury, Deb sneezed so hard she hurt her back. Hurting your back when sneezing is a thing, who knew? Click here for proper way to sneeze  Even now, a two weeks later she is forced to limit her actions.  Getting in and out of the very tall RAM takes an extra measure of energy.  Poor baby.

There was an informal off road dirt bike get together in the Terlingua area.  Deb recouped, I wandered the RV park and visited with the bikers.  For the past six years dirt bikers, and off roaders have been getting together to compare notes, talk technique, and ride seriously where they can.  It is a word of mouth type event.  “Sturgis, the early years.”  Comes to mind.

The RV parks were full, the restaurants are maxed out at night, and the only gas station in town was busy.  The camping area is mostly dirt, but hey, we had Wi-Fi.  The town could really use a Red Box, but the bikers sleeping in tents could care less about that.  Some guy’s rode over a thousand miles just for the week long get together.  I love enthusiasts, and those who follow through.  Having Jesus in your heart, and being OK showing it,  is yet another form of enthusiasm.  Get behind me COVID-19!!!

Next post includes or Big Bend experience.  Just yesterday Deb said, “I think we are experience junkies.”

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