Nashville Cats

When we were shopping for a travel trailer we poo pooed an important feature.  It is possible to purchase RV’s with a winter package.  Why would we need that?  We are heading south for the winter.   Currently we are in Riviera, Texas.  The SeaWind RV Resort brochure lists the local weather stats this way.  Average… Continue reading Nashville Cats

Mammoth Cave – Kentucky

Since 1816, three different Hotels have been welcoming travelers.  What makes this cave system so remarkably stable is the limestone strata capped by a layer of sandstone. It is known to include more than 400 miles of passageway; new discoveries and connections add several miles to this figure each year. Mammoth Cave National Park was established… Continue reading Mammoth Cave – Kentucky

Leaf Peepers

For thirty-seven years having a single family home, a workshop, many tools within arms reach, and heading out for four-day camping trips was the norm.  As retirement approced it lead to the thought, “Hey if these getaway’s are so much fun, lets make this a lifestyle during the golden retirement years.”  So we did. The… Continue reading Leaf Peepers

Das Dutchman Essenhaus

We spent five day’s at the Holiday Inn Express in Goshen, IN.  Our travel trailer was having warrantee work done.  Forest River, the manufacturer of our travel trailer did pay for our stay.  The crew did nice work, and the leaky side out was satisfactorily repaired.  Since the repair we have been in several rainstorms,… Continue reading Das Dutchman Essenhaus

Gett’er Done Boy’s

Being from MN we are not well versed with toll ways.  It cost $44.00 to get across Indiana.  Fuel cost was also higher at the plaza's.  The road was nice.  It's not a bad deal getting what you pay for. We dropped off the travel trailer Sunday evening, Oct 20.  Initially we were told the… Continue reading Gett’er Done Boy’s

The Sleeping Preacher

On our way to Millersburg, Indiana for warrantee work to be completed on the travel trailer we visited our dear friends, Marcia and Ellis in Kalona, Iowa.  Everything seems innocent enough, right?  We set up camp at the Kalona city campground, and Googled for a restaurant.  Deb picked “Marilyn’s Country Cafe.”  We drove the route. … Continue reading The Sleeping Preacher

Liberty Calves & Trout Run Trail

Decorah, Iowa offered up some great camping and cycling.  The aptly-named Trout Run Trail crosses trout streams five times on its 11-mile loop. The easy-ranging-to-challenging route crosses incredible landscape and steep switchbacks for breathtaking views.  The Trout Run bike trail also passed the Chuck Gipp Decorah Fish Hatchery.  Speaking of passing, all the super fit… Continue reading Liberty Calves & Trout Run Trail

Delayed, The Saga

Make a plan. Work the plan, until the plan doesn’t work anymore. In June we looked ahead on our calendar towards August, and our stay in Minnesota.  We scheduled dental, doctor, optometrists, and mechanical appointments.  Staying with Gina (Deb's sister) and her husband David at “Camp David” during our dry dock time was a real… Continue reading Delayed, The Saga

Niagara – Barrel of Fun

As a kid I saw a movie where Anthony Quinn played the role of a daredevil, and goes over Niagara Falls in a barrel. How cool is that?  That intrigued me, and I have wanted to see Niagara Falls ever since.   The day we visited Niagara Falls coincidently a man survived his trip over the… Continue reading Niagara – Barrel of Fun

Lake Placid, Whiteface, and The Beatles

We set camp at Higley Flow State Park, NY.  Many campgrounds were designed and built in the 1940's and 50's when campers were smaller, and more maneuverable.  We sometimes reject a campsite because it would be too difficult to back into.   Even with prayer you cannot get a 30-foot camper into a 20-foot site.  All the… Continue reading Lake Placid, Whiteface, and The Beatles