Warrior Parent

The warmth of a newborn cradled in adult arms. Holding one so tiny transports you to a zone where nightly news and woes don’t belong. The wonderment of creation, the blessing of life, instilling values, schooling, life lessons, and family dynamics, <deep breath> WOW!!

My siblings, peers, workmates, and neighbors have kids; by choice we do not. I do hear of projectile vomiting, messes, parent teacher conferences, crashed cars, running away, and a whole lot more. My insight concerning parenting is limited. I ask, “How can a parent instill virtue in any of that?”

The daughter of my nephew would be called my great-niece, or grandniece. Different words, same meaning. Thanksgiving Day, 2017, ACG was put on my ignorant great-uncle/granduncle heart.

This little blond child will look at you straight on and study you. Like all kids if she feels like it, if she is of the right temperament she will abide to guidance. She runs, plays, screams, and interacts with siblings and cousins. ACG will quietly entertain herself with color crayons and formulate thoughts. One day she will interpret her thoughts and speak out. Through faith I pray to God – in Jesus’ name that ACG will soon share her thoughts, intentions, and what ever else goes on in a child’s mind. So far she has not spoke, not even a “Mommy” or “Daddy.” Speech therapists, and other professionals have met with ACG and cannot determine why her quiet behavior. The warrior parent will fight for their child.

I admire how mom and dad took time to enlighten us. Parents instinctively live in the goodness of God, and they stretch themselves to do the next right thing.


Perseverance NEVER happens right a way. Difficult times, fun times, set backs, giant leaps forward, basically everything we are passing through is a learning opportunity. Life’s difficulties and joy’s are training grounds for what you are. I find myself being humbled, and blessed to be called great-uncle or granduncle. Tomato Tomatoe.


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