Vieques 2014

The video is a compilation of still shots using a Ken Burns style of motion, sound tracks, short videos.  Apple redesigned their iMovie program so much so I have not wanted to work in that medium for years.  Someday I will learn it all over again. As of yet, someday is a way’s off. Note video is 10:30 minutes in length.

Vieques 2014  Time stamp 4:35 is recommended.

The morning we left MSP airport it was so cold the plane would not start.  We missed our connecting flight, and forced to stay the night in Puerto Rico.  The next day we paid a small fee to rebook tickets on Vieques Air.

We rented a Jeep which worked great for getting to remote snorkeling spots.  In addition to being able to handle the rough terrain we discovered Jeeps have great heaters.  A nice thing to have after being in the Caribbean Sea for hours.

Snorkeling and playing in the water was great fun, the accommodations were junk.  The air conditioning did not work well, and the bedroom widows were permanently preeminently closed.  When laying in bed you could see black mold on the ceiling.

It seems Vieques comes alive at 11:00 PM and quiets down around 3:00 AM.  There were several bar restaurants right next door.  The air conditioner provided white noise but little else.  Each night we moved the mattress to the living space, and stored it in the hallway during the day.  Daytime adventures were fantastic, evenings, well . . . . .  not so much.




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