Cancer, what is it good for?

Cancer, what is it good for? It does make for overdue phone conversations, and visits. That’s about it. Which is a lot.  It gets you thinking about how valuable life is. The quote “Don’t worry about the small stuff, and It’s all small stuff” comes to mind.

wp les

My sister Les focused on the positive.  I discovered it was not difficult to call her, and ask how things were going.  It amazed me how comfortable she would make me feel when talking about her illness.

In the spring of 2013, after the health update was over I mentioned that I was taking a Yoga class. She thought for sure I was pulling her leg. So for proof positive I made a short one minute video to brighten her day. It was my first video, and very special to me.

Over time we talked about lots of different stuff.  I once asked her if she has Jesus in her heart.  She said, “Yes, since a long time ago.”

Deb, my wife, and I visited with Les and her husband Larry in November of 2016.  It was a precious time. The day we arrived in Texas I sat on the couch next to Les.  We held hands, only our shoulders touched, the rest of her was too thin.  In a short time I told her I could feel her spirit, and asked if she could feel mine? She said, “Yes” and smiled.

Two day’s later before we left I was compelled to rest my left hand on her bald head, and hold her left hand in mine. We did not speak. She could not. I felt her spirit doing a happy dance with mine. That was my last visit, and last conversation with Les.


One day I too will take my last determining breath, and find myself before Jesus. He will rest his hand on my shoulder, and say to God, “I know this man.” And as a child of God I too, along with all his other undeserving children, will inherit the kingdom,   It is my faith that gives my soul the permission to believe.  This free gift, this inheritance, is available to everyone.  I can only imagine what it will be like to see Les again, and her being cancer free.





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