Anorexia, what is it good for?

Dear Reader,

I want to introduce you to Caralyn. She lives in New York, she is an actress, and has an active blog titled  BeatyBeyondBones.  Her website address derives from her battle with Anorexia. She did journal her experience, and now works at helping others to better understand how “ED” (eating disorder) is a thief sent straight from hell. One would have to spend time at her “Read me first” section for full impact.

Caralyn freely gives thanks to God for her recovery. She speaks from the heart, with passion, and somewhat raw language. She does not curse, (not real bad cursing anyway), but chucks out raw descriptive well-crafted articles several times a week. I have been following her posts for over 6 months, along with 36,000 other readers.

Easter will be here in two weeks so I’m led to share this weeks post from her site, where she addresses “Lent.”

With Joy,


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