The Precious Setting

“Look honey, look there under the tree!” Lori’s husband Peter, and the realtor Brenda, turned their focus to the back yard. Lori was transfixed on the precious setting.

Peter studies the fresh mulch, the durable metal table and chairs, and of course the dappled shade.

Brenda waits for it, and just when Peter looks at his bride, Brenda speaks, “Awesome isn’t it? The sellers tell me that’s where they held birthday parties, arranged family outings, and also planned all their children’s weddings. The kids had summer fun building forts in the woods.”

Brenda’s mentor taught her well, “Sell the memories.”

– 100 words –

Friday Fictioneers, led by the admirable Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, invites 100 word stories in response to a photo prompt submitted by members of the group.  Why not join us? Thank you Fatima Fakier Deria for the Photo Prompt.

2018 marks year number 40 for Bride and Groom


42 thoughts on “The Precious Setting

  1. It’s a good marketing skill when selling homes to use the memories. Reminds me of a movie I once watched where they put cookie dough in the oven on open house day, so that the house smelled like cookie dough and felt like home to the viewers. Apparently a trick that worked every time.

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    1. Apparently food smells (cookie dough, apple pie) in a sellers home is not to unusual. Rochelle mentioned the same sales technique. Way way better than cat urine. Thanks for reading “The Precious Setting” Fatima.


  2. Lovely story, Dan. That’s a unique sales technique.:) she seemed to have judged her clients well.
    Happy 40th Anniversary to you and your beautiful wife.

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