Do You Like My Drawers?

Planning a project, shopping for lumber and hardware, power equipment, and the smell of fresh-cut lumber. “Mmmmmm, I love the smell of fresh cut wood in the morning.” . . .  “and coffee” . . .  “and bacon”. . .  “and eggs.”  I’m talkin’ quality “Me time.”

A simple improvement to the travel trailer would be installing drawers under the dinette seats. I’m on it.

One of the best wood working inventions ever is the Kreg Tool joining system. It opened my DIY project possibilities. My starter project was a coffee table, then a wall bed and wall unit. So knocking out a couple of drawers should be easy peazy.

4:30 minute video of my  Kayak trailer project 2013 Kreg tool exhibited at timestamp 0:54.

The tricky part is to maximize the drawer size and have it fit within the existing cabinet frame. I admit to lucking out. If the drawer length was 3/4” longer, I would not have been able to insert the drawer into the cabinet.

Finding the 28” drawer slides on-line, and building the drawers was the easy peazy part. Squaring up the inside of the cabinet was a challenge. I find it hard to believe anyone in this day and age can build a simple box 1 ¼” out of square. Sheeez!!.

The booth type cushions rest of a sheet of plywood supported by the cabinet frame. The frame was built and installed improperly. This is a new unit. On our third camping trip Deb was sitting at the dinette, when all of a sudden the good people at KZ manufacturing released their little trick. The plywood and cushion fell straight down lowering my wife about 10 inches. Unbelievable, but true.

Notice the dato cut to accept the drawer bottom.
Plan, parts, and the handy-dandy Kreg Jig and clamps.
Machining the drawer sides.  The most beautiful thing about the joining system is that you only have to machine one of two adjoining parts.  The self taping screw seats up tight and square.
Note the self taping screw does not need a pilot hole.  It will draw the drawer end tight to the drawer side.
Setting bottom piece into the dato slots. I used a small amount of glue for the bottom, but not on the corners.  The screws do all the work.


Drawer Glue
Notice the machined holes on side piece.  They direct the screw in at an angle, and stop at a preset depth.  Reminds me up the old 60’s song “Do the tighten up”
28″ drawer slide on a 38″ length drawer.  80lb weight limit.
This is the tricky part.  Squaring the drawers so they will open and close flush with the cabinet front.  Deb’s bottom, bottomed out in the one on the left.
Drawer 2
Not much to say here.
Drawer 3
Yep, drawer comes out, and goes back in.  Das is good.
Drawer 7
The drawer is fully extended. However the entire dinette slides out.  When set up at a campsite there will be approximately 28″ of clearance in the isle way.
Drawer 6
I don’t play with my drawers very often, but I played with this one alot.
Drawer 5


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