Text Msg

Something came up, sory cn’t makeit. – Gary


Abby ponders the text, and her evening gladness relinquishes to sadness. A voice hisses, “I told you so. You are not popular. Your date doesn’t even want to see you.” The dead words drift . . . . . linger. . . . . and settle in her heart. Despondency is now the victor emotion.

The invisible Remmel, a 2nd grade thought perverter receives another “Atta demon” from its trainer. Remmel fertilizes the planted thought and whispers, “Alone again.”

Abby’s heart aches.

The trainer spies Tirzah’s rocketing advance, spiritual battle is assured.

– 100 words –

Friday Fictioneers, led by the admirable Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, invites 100 word stories in response to a photo prompt submitted by members of the group.  Why not join us?  Thank you Dale Rogerson for the Photo Prompt.

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