Shuffleboard, anyone?

It’s kind of weird/normal having a personal relationship with Jesus.  I suppose by some it could be viewed as having an imaginary friend.  I use to see it that way.  Oh but what a wonderful friend, and tour guide we have.

In Sarasota, FL we met up with Ellis and Marcia, several dear friends from Iowa. We had lunch at the highly recommended Der Dutchman, and then we toured the small community of Pinecraft.  Ellis speaks Pennsylvania Dutch, so we felt safe hanging in the hood. Kidding.           Click here for more Pinecraft information

Pinecraft is an Amish community, and my ignorance type casted the Amish as farmers, and craftsman following their faith in country communities.  Dressing in black and white garb, driving horse drawn buggies to parking lots and selling jams, leather belts, and other hand made products was my self proclaimed ignorant view of the Amish.  I’m so lame.

In the 1920s, Amish and Mennonite farmers were persuaded to come to Sarasota and use the land for agricultural purposes, primarily to grow celery, a common Amish crop.  It so happened that the day we visited Pinecraft there was a fish fry fundraiser for one of the few existing Amish churches. Most Amish have house churches.

We had an awesome afternoon touring the community, and watching shuffleboard players.  It did seem odd witnessing Amish ride bikes while talking on cell phones.  BTW, there was one shuffleboard lane reserved for women only.  Who knew?


One thought on “Shuffleboard, anyone?

  1. Ah yes…Sarasota and the Der Dutchman. Quite a buffet line huh!
    When TTR was there for 6-8 weeks Julie and I stayed in a travel trailer in a large camp ground in Sarasota off of Fruitville Rd east of Interstate 70. Many of the Amish that we had met through Revive Indiana, winter in Sarasota.
    Julie and I continue to investigate and praying about the gypsy life. Part of the attractiveness is the years of MC travel crisscrossing the country and living small. We would love to revisit many of those places where we can stay longer, explore more, and move about when we want.

    We’re going to an RV show at Canterbury tomorrow to kick tires and dream.
    Stay safe and have fun!


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