Sightseeing in Gloucester, MASS

Tides It was in the Cape Ann, Gloucester, Rockport area where I started to appreciate ocean tides. Seeing the vast area and height with which they affect the seascape, helped me to appreciate being by an ocean shore.  The Perfect Storm novel also went into great detail of how tides and currents come into play when… Continue reading Sightseeing in Gloucester, MASS

Rockport, MA – Destination Town

Having fun can really slow us down.   It was the middle of May and we were still in Virginia. I’m pretty sure June and July will be on schedule.   What about our plan to visit Earl in Maryland, Pete in Massachusetts, the coast of Maine, Niagara Falls in New York, and then circle back to Minnesota… Continue reading Rockport, MA – Destination Town

Elkmont – Deep Inside The Smokey’s

Smokemont campground and Elkmont campground are in the Smokey’s.  BTW did you know that Smoky the bears middle name is, “The”.  Ha-ha.  The roads are incredible in the Smokey’s.  I prefer them to the Blue Ridge Parkway, (BRP).  The BRP is a constant 45 MPH, and for a lot of the 469 miles, trees and… Continue reading Elkmont – Deep Inside The Smokey’s

Happy Easter

For us it’s good to be in a house of worship, but why? We are now nomads, we explore new places, we move around, but we so miss our relatives and friends. Church friends get together, sometimes even more than once a week. The big “C” Church would be all believers in Christ, the little “c”… Continue reading Happy Easter

Blue Ridge – First Steps

Morganton Point Recreation Area - National Forest Deep within the Chattahoochee National Forest in Northeast Georgia lies an incredible camping and recreation opportunity. Morganton Point Recreation Area sits on the shores of Lake Blue Ridge.  The campground hosts, Mike and Jessica are the second couple we have met that contract with the Workamper organization.  Basically… Continue reading Blue Ridge – First Steps

Red Top Mountain State Park

We have not yet found our rhythm. For six months we have been setting up our campsite, and making it home for a week or so.  We play, eat, sleep, visit, then we pack up and head off towards what could be our next (non-virtual) PlayStation. New day, new campground, new surroundings, sometime the NEW… Continue reading Red Top Mountain State Park

From The Neck Up

From his neck down a man is worth a couple of dollars a day, from his neck up he is worth anything that his brain can produce. (Thomas Edison) Our six month on the road anniversary had just past, and we found ourselves camped next to Andy and Carolyn.   We were in our travel trailer,… Continue reading From The Neck Up

St Augustine, Florida

In March Deb drove us to St. Augustine, FL.  It lays claim to being the oldest city in the U.S., and is known for its Spanish colonial architecture, as well as Atlantic Ocean beaches like sandy St. Augustine Beach and tranquil Crescent Beach.  We had walked over seven miles on Crescent beach a month earlier. … Continue reading St Augustine, Florida

Grassy Pond, Military and Public

The past months we have identified a number of campsites, which would fit nicely with our route of travel.  Sometimes the campgrounds are for military personal only.  Grassy Pond has been open to the public for two years.  It is located just south of Moody Air Force Base where my dad was stationed for six… Continue reading Grassy Pond, Military and Public