One Week = 168 Hours


I need to be more efficient.  I mean gee whizz there is 168 hours in every week, and here I am trying to post a month old adventure.   What have I been doing this past month?  I thought it would make sense to keep this digital diary in chronological order.  Four months ago the process worked perfectly.  We would adventure, then motor down the road and I’d put together some photos, and tell a little story.  Easy Peasy.   The thing is adventuring takes time.  Every day we are blessed with new sights, interesting people, and the challenges of finding the next Wal-Mart and campsite.  We are currently at Higley Flow State Park, New York about sixty miles from the Canadian border.   I’m sitting here on a rainy day reflecting back to our stay in Ellsworth, Maine.    Sheeesh, where did the last 672 hours go?  Whaaauh –  whaaauh – whaaauh, what a baby, poor Dan, he has to think.

Acadia National Park in Maine (ME) is a wonderful great place to visit if you are into nature, bike riding, and hiking.  Like everywhere else the more popular the destination, the more expensive the accommodations will be.  This fixed income gig can only support so much.  We set up home base in Ellsworth, ME about a forty-five minute drive from the Park and Bar Harbor, ME.  The weather was perfect our entire stay.  We drove to the top of Cadillac Mountain, hiked Dorr’s ridge, and walked along the Atlantic shore.  The Park is primarily on Mount Desert Island.  The landscape varies from jagged granite outcropping’s to gentle groomed carriage paths.   We climbed the granite trails, and rode the “Biker and Hiker” only carriage paths.   There are three distinctly marked lakes that provided pristine pure water for the town of Bar Harbor.  You cannot swim in the lakes, but could kayak the lakes.  I found that interesting.

Bar Harbor is a fun coastal heritage rich community.   We did not take advantage of a whale, seal, and puffin sightseeing boat ride.  The weather was a little cool for being out on the water.  Next time for sure, Puffins are so cool.

Branch Lake Camping Area – Ellsworth, ME

Bar Harbor – “Baaa Haabaah” Street Views

Bar Harbor Coastal View


Bar Harbor Water Supply

Acadia National Park – Atlantic View

Acadia Park Hiking Views

Acadia Park Biking Views

Click here for Acadia Information

Next stop is Lubec, ME


4 thoughts on “One Week = 168 Hours

  1. Dan and Deb, we miss you! Thanks for the pics. Almost felt like we were there. God’s blessings to you! -Art and Crystal.

    On Sun, Jun 30, 2019, 11:35 AM Living In Eternity wrote:

    > Dan Bohn posted: “Efficiency I need to be more efficient. I mean gee > whizz there is 168 hours in every week, and here I am trying to post a > month old adventure. What have I been doing this past month? I thought > it would make sense to keep this digital diary in chronol” >


  2. Dan, Art and I really enjoy your stories and pictures. Maine looks beautiful, hope to make it there some day.


    1. Crystal – Thanks for the thumbs. It makes my day hearing from you guys. There are so many places we would like to go back to. We will have to begin staying longer in one place.


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