Sightseeing in Gloucester, MASS


It was in the Cape Ann, Gloucester, Rockport area where I started to appreciate ocean tides. Seeing the vast area and height with which they affect the seascape, helped me to appreciate being by an ocean shore.  The Perfect Storm novel also went into great detail of how tides and currents come into play when fishing for swordfish, and locating lost vessels.

Low tide – Notice boat in the mud

Built Dates

Several years ago we visited Annapolis, Maryland.  It was cool seeing dates on houses and buildings.  The homeowners here will do the same.  It must be a New England thing.  One just does not see house built dates back home in the Midwest.  The earliest date we saw was 1690.  I asked my friend Pete if he was going to advertise “1856” on his house?  He feels a requirement would be that the original inhabitant also has to be someone famous.  Pete is famous enough for me.  I stopped in the “Address’ R us” store and they custom built one for Pete.  It’s a surprise present.  I hope he likes it.


All The Cool Kids Are Doing It


Halibut Point State Park

Deb and I did some hiking at Halibut Point State Park.  On a clear day one will be able to see Mount Agamenticus, located 81 miles away in Maine, and the Isles of Shoals off the coast of New Hampshire. We explored the parks trails and tide pools, and walked the rocky ledges.  It also has a self guided walking tour telling the history of Cape Ann’s granite industry.

General Location Photos

Gloucester does have a great harbor

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