Gett’er Done Boy’s

Being from MN we are not well versed with toll ways.  It cost $44.00 to get across Indiana.  Fuel cost was also higher at the plaza’s.  The road was nice.  It’s not a bad deal getting what you pay for.

Note: West bound trucks are lined up entering Chicago. Miles and miles of trucks.

We dropped off the travel trailer Sunday evening, Oct 20.  Initially we were told the work will be completed Friday Oct 25.  It may be done early.  The manufacturer Forest River did arrange for us to stay at the Holiday Inn Express in Goshen, IN.  It has a pool, and an exercise room too.  Now, sitting and drinking coffee my internal voice is overriding, “Go to the tread mill.”

Below is an example of what work needs to be done, along with several other minor items.  The side is being replaced due to a leak, and water working its way into the walls.  Structure delaminating has been a concern.  We are getting excited about getting the trailer back, and moving on south before the big freeze hits.

Pokagon State Park

Pokagon State Park Toboggan Run

Click here for Toboggan Run Information

Elkhart, Goshen, Millersburg, and Nappanee, are very industrious towns.  My best guess is that 80% of all travel trailers are built in this area in Indiana.  I counted eight major travel trailer manufacturers just in Goshen alone.  In addition to the trailer manufacturers, Dometica, Nordic, Ferion, and other major companies that supply RV components also have presence in Goshen.  It’s surprising to see how well the Amish drive their horses within the midst of cars, trucks, trucks pulling travel trailers, semi trucks, and train crossings.  If you don’t know much about horses, know this.  They are kind of stupid, and have the capability to dart in any direction at any time. Walmart and Menard’s have put up little sheds for Amish to hitch their horses.

A Ram dealership in Nappanee serviced our truck. There we seen an Amish school let out, and five buggies pulled by pony’s were just ahead of us.  Yep, Amish kids start out with pony’s. We walked some of the town, bought chocolates, andprayed with the store keeper. We also seen metal art, and ate at the Rise ‘N Roll Bakery and Deli. The locals refer to the donuts as “Amish Crack” Eat one, and you are addicted for more. Deb and I agree they dowin out over Krispy Creme.

The sweet treats are the result of years of trial and error by Amish couple Orvin and Viola Bontrager, who started Rise ’n Roll Bakery and Deli in Middlebury, Indiana, in 2001, and sold the goods from their front porch. The couple sold the business in 2009 when the operation became too much to continue without electricity, which was against the Bontragers’ religious beliefs.  Orvin remained an operating manager for some years after.

Of course being RV enthusiasts we had to visit the RV/MH hall of fame museum.

Click here for RV museum information

Delivering Rig To Flagstaff For Repairs – Gett’er Done Boy’s

RV/MH Hall Of Fame (Museum)



Metal Art In Nappanee

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