Das Dutchman Essenhaus

We spent five day’s at the Holiday Inn Express in Goshen, IN.  Our travel trailer was having warrantee work done.  Forest River, the manufacturer of our travel trailer did pay for our stay.  The crew did nice work, and the leaky side out was satisfactorily repaired.  Since the repair we have been in several rainstorms, with no leaks.

A dinning suggestion would be the “Das Dutchman” near Goshen, Indiana.  We had a fun time sitting in an Amish buggy, and eating very good comfort food.  If you get a chance to try Amish Crack, go for it.  After one taste, you do want more.

It took two months from when we dropped off our travel trailer for repairs, and getting on the road again.  Because of the time delay we changed or plans from leaving Minnesota and going west up over the Rockies to Washington State, then south through Oregon, California, Nevada and so on.  Leaving Indiana with our rebuilt travel trailer we headed south from Goshen to Brown County State Park, Indiana.  It was beautiful.

We had such good luck last spring leaving Florida and driving north through Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia.  We seemed to stay just ahead of the heat and bugs, all the way to Maine.  Now going south we expected to stay even with the fall colors.  Yes, we are leaf peeping.  It seams Fall travels faster than Spring, and we are trailing behind the songbirds.


Click for good food – Das Dutchman

Flagstaff Factory

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