Show Low, God, and C-19

Job Is Good

Job is a pretty happy camper.  He is considered a fairly successful guy.  He has huge herds, great kids, loving wife, and many good friends.  Satan gets in Gods face, “Of course Job likes you best, look at all the good things he has.  I bet if all that stuff was taken away, he wouldn’t think too highly of you. Let’s test him!” God knows what Satan is up to and responds, “I love Job, the same as I love all my children.  Sure, go ahead, you may conduct your test.”

Remember Satans mission statement is to rob, kill and destroy.  Satan kills off Job’s herds, kills his wife and kids, and robs him of his health.  Job’s buddies stop by to comfort Job during his ailments, but fail miserably.  God then appears to Job and his friends. Job is faithful without demands for special attention from God, even for a cause that all others would declare to be just.

Is Covid-19 God’s doing?  Or, from the one who is bound to rob, kill, and destroy? God rebukes the three friends and gives them instruction for remission of sin, followed by Job being restored to an even better condition than his former wealthy state.  Dear readers, God is good, God is faithful, and in control.

Covid-19 side story.  South Korea has fewer than 300 deaths and the U.S. has more than 70,000.  The U.S, population is 6 times larger than South Korea.  6 x 300 is 18,000.  So what did South Korea do correctly?  t  – Staff writer at The Atlantic    South Korea and C-19


Show Low, Arizona

We were hoping to spend at least four months in California (CA). I’ve never seen the giant redwoods, the gigantic sequoia’s, and all the wonderful national forests and parks in California. Because of all the public campground and national park closures we amended our 2020 spring/summer tour plan.  California, maybe next year.  Currently we are in Show Low, Arizona (AZ) for the month of May.  Then if things open up, we will head north into Utah.

Show Low is an odd name for a town, so I googled it.  A large successful ranch claimed by Marion Clark and Corydon Cooley made up the general area. Corydon Cooley became very involved with Fort Apache and began to spend too much time there. His partner, Marion Clark, became discontented. By 1876, the partners decided to part ways.

The legend is that a card game called “Seven Up” is believed to be the game that settled the issue. As the game wore on through the night, Clark finally told Cooley, “Show low and you take the ranch.” Cooley turned over the lowest card and won a reported 100,000 acres, the cattle, crops and buildings. Marion Clark went off into history. Show Low’s main street is called the “Deuce of Clubs” because that is the lowest card in a deck.

Yesterday we hiked a little over seven miles. No brag, just fact.  Our daily goal is four, we over achieved.  It’s easy to social distance in the national forests.  National Forests are quite different from National Parks.  Entry to all the National Parks is closed.  Some National Forest campgrounds are open, some are closed. In National Forests you may camp for free on road side spurs if you want too.  No electric, no water, no dump, “No way” say’s Deb.

Trailheads with parking at Sitgreaves National Forest are open.  Some of the Tonto National Forest trailhead parking lots were open, some were closed.  It’s a mixed-up crazy world.  Dumb Covid-19.

Click here for Sitgreaves National Forest information

Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests


Driving north of Show Low the pines disappear and the landscape becomes more sparse.


Sitgreaves National Forest Trails

2 thoughts on “Show Low, God, and C-19

  1. Thanks for the memories, Dan. Years ago we spent a few days in the Show Low area and loved it, have talked about returning someday. Enjoyed seeing it thru your eyes. Stay safe & healthy.


    1. Thanks Crystal. We have had a great time here. Walking different trails every day,,,,, and there is a Culver’s in town. Frozen Custard,,,,, oh my. Come on back to Show Low,,,, we’ll meet at Culver’s.


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