New Orleans – The Huey P. Long & Destrehan Plantation

There is a lot of water in Louisiana that means you need a lot of bridging.  The 24-mile bridge from Mandeville to New Orleans was the longest; the Huey P. Long  was the most interesting.  It is the longest elevated train track in the U.S.  Very impressive.  We crossed “The Heuy” each time we drove from… Continue reading New Orleans – The Huey P. Long & Destrehan Plantation

Beauty Beyond Bones

Yesterday I visited with Casey an English teacher camping here at  I told Casey I should have paid greater attention in English class; Caralyn (a blogger) certainly did.  Just as Christ broke my bondage to alcoholism, Caralyn received freedom from anorexia the same way. Caralyn offers up her love for the Lord in a… Continue reading Beauty Beyond Bones

High Speed – at Low Speed

The open road, adventure, wonderment, it appeals to the romantic. No lawn mower, no mortgage, simply thousands upon thousands of miles of open road. My grandfather traveled around the world several times. Spain was his favorite. How did he do it, and keep his wits about him? Before we left MN our most wonderful Thursday… Continue reading High Speed – at Low Speed