My Children

Anger is simmering along side Felicie Boucher’s passionate fascination of family roots. Touring France with Georgette, the self-proclaimed family historian she hears of yet another war memorial. “Felicie, your great grandfather Philippe Boucher’s memorial is there, second column twenty-fifth name from the top.” 104 years earlier Philippe never saw the adrenaline charged 30 centimeter bayonet… Continue reading My Children

No Shoes

“I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet”  -  Helen Keller So you had a bad day. I get it, we all get it. Here is another perspective of your bummer day/week/year. This is public information, it’s out there, it’s on the internet. It’s mine, it’s Susan’s,… Continue reading No Shoes

The Extra Zero

“Those dammed Himalayan Kerchoos.” Church deacon Samantha’s self-scolding was enough to make her blush. She had always been a stickler for details. Planning a luncheon date required a minimum of two day’s notice. She often ate alone. “Stupid purchasing job!” “I was happy, my income was sufficient.” Looking towards the window she wished to relive… Continue reading The Extra Zero

The Final Blow

With hammer in hand and gripped for the blow. My umpteenth visit to uncle Harold’s abandoned farmstead produced little fruit. Disposal is everlasting. I was uncle Harry’s favorite runner. My sister his favorite dancer, and the favorites list went on. Mom questioned Harold’s judgment. Firecrackers, slingshots, and coming home after dark my friend, my uncle… Continue reading The Final Blow

Please Give Blood! A plea by Susan Briscoe

The Death Project

blood drop

Last year I received several blood transfusions and put out a call for friends and family to donate blood, especially as I no longer can. (Also to please sign their organ donor cards! I have a friend waiting for a healthy kidney.) Our blood supply in Quebec is all from unpaid donors, which is impressive considering the many restrictions to keep the supply safe. I am anemic again due to abdominal bleeding from my sarcoma, and have been prescribed two transfusions tomorrow. I feel bad taking from our blood bank without being able to give back. Since I’ve been ill many of you have asked if you can do anything to help. Could I ask a few of you to donate on my behalf? (To be clear, I am not asking for direct donations; yours would go to someone else in need.) This is an easy way to give during…

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