The Same Grin

Two best buddies stood in the entryway with travel bags in hand. Melissa’s only child, her little man, was home. Andrew mirrors the same grin as his elder travel mate.

Melissa resisted scooping up Andrew and asked, “So how did the trip go?”

“We hiked over a mountain. The road was closed and we slept outside. It was OK mom we found cardboard for a blanket. Grandpa boosted me up a tree for bananas, so we could eat. There was a donkey, an, an, an men with machetes. Oh, and the army men had real guns, it was so cool!”

– 100 words –

Written for Friday Fictioneers hosted by the talented author and  artist Rochelle Wisoff-Fields     PHOTO PROMPT © Björn Rudberg.

Authors Note:

It was 1964, a more innocent time. For Friday Fictioneers The 100-word limit required some embellishment. Truth is we did go over a mountain from one town to another. It took longer than planned. It had gotten dark and grandpa checked out a room for rent, but when the light came on critters scattered. So we slept outside using a sheet of plastic for a blanket. , (for the story cardboard sounded better). There were army men protecting a military installation. As I remember it mom WAS unhappy upon hearing the story, but dad downplayed his dad’s behavior. Grandpa brought back some cigars so all the boys were happy. I am not an only child, but that angle worked for the story.  Photo is of grandpa and me at San Juan Fort, Puerto Rico.




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