We are South Dakotan’s

Relinquishing our Minnesota (MN) residency for the benefits of being South Dakotan’s did not play out as I had imagined. I was expecting to leave MN with a warm pat on the tuckus and hearing “Off with you now.” Instead it was a cold wet slap in the face and hearing “Ha ha,,, in your face chump!” The plan was good, the execution was good, but the dang thieves stole my medical supplies. “Rats!!”

The expected delivery was confirmed delivered by a postal supervisor, but our dear friends did not find the package. I will report the theft later. It has not been above 45 degrees since we left MN. We drove through a hard rain all the way to Sioux Falls, SD.  Deb booked a campsite during our drive. In the cold rainy dark, Deb helped me park the rig. Working in the rain was the “Cold wet slap” the electric post was in 2” of standing water. We woke to 37 degrees and a partial sunny day becoming cloudy and drizzle.

Wednesday October 10th South Dakota accepted us as residents, and we now have the drivers licenses to prove it. The facility was easy to find, the staff pleasant to work with, and the process took less than an hour. Silly me I asked for my motorcycle endorsement after Trina had compiled my information. I put on my “Lost old man face,” and got a little extra grace. Wendy our first contact at the 2501 W Russell ST, Sioux Falls, SD facility sat and visited with us while my license was being finished.   The licenses were printed on sight. How cool is that? Wendy said they process between 250 and 400 individuals a day, mostly renewals and vehicle registrations.

I sort of feel as if we are on the run during this life transition time; same identity, but new residency.   We hooked up the rig and headed south spending the night at Lewis and Clark State Park in Iowa, (IA).  Coyotes were yipping during the night.  Again we woke to another cold wet day.  Thursday afternoon we landed at Crows Creek Campground in Missouri (MO). Campsite #309, this is a big deal recreation place built by the US Army Corps of Engineers. We got our 1-hour evening walk in and only used 3 of the 23 miles of paved trail. Ducks were making a racket around 3:30 am.


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