Hot Springs Arkansas

Our first day in Hot Springs, Arkansas (AR) was focused on hiking. We walked to town using a mountain trail right from the campsite, and had homemade banana pudding ice cream. Turn of the century Bathhouses is the tourist draw to Hot Springs, AR. They are part of the Hot Springs National Park system with an exhibit downtown Hot Springs. We are using our National Parks and Recreational Lands Pass for reduced camping and exhibit fees. NICE!!


We did laundry in town at the closest coin operated facility. Over half of the machines were tagged “Out of order”, or simply missing doors and coin slots. Next time we will expand our search.

In the past 12 days we have cooked once in the rig. Other than experiencing Hot Springs National Park the highlight of our cold rainy travel has been grazing off the roadside. Monday morning we ate at the highly acclaimed Pancake Shop. Debs banana pancakes were absolutely fantastic. I heard that it is a sign of maturity to not take pictures of food, so I’m trying very hard not to do that. Last night we ate comfort food at a roadside dinner, Mickey’s. There was a cook, a preparation person, and Morgan the cashier/waitress running the establishment.

We will soon experience our first mail forwarding delivery. Today we head towards Shreveport, Louisiana (LA). I submitted an online request to have our mail sent to a RV dealership. I expect it to arrive Friday the 19th. This is going to be interesting. My previously stolen medical supply replacement order should be in this delivery.

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