Keeping the joy, you betcha!

Before we retired Deb bought a 2018 Flagstaff 26FKSB (Travel trailer) sight unseen. It was in Bossier City, Louisiana (LA).   We transitioned into the new unit on Thursday 10/18, but because of a failed component we are still camped at Cypress Black Bayou Campground and waiting for Tuesday’s service appointment. Fortunately we didn’t motor on down the road right away.

Side note: I’m not fond of TV shows or movies that start with an action scene and then flip to “Two day’s earlier”, but that is what you are reading here. Inconsistent WiFi, mobile service, transitions, driving, and emergencies all get in the way of tracking what’s happening real time.

This new rig will suit our needs more so than what we traded in. We had checked the quality of the Flagstaff models last August, but had to find the right size and floor plan. Deb found last years model with a favorable price, and spoke with Bayou Outdoor Supercenter (BOS) sales rep Rick Ross about it.  Deb has good taste, she picked out the very tall 2500 RAM, the Flagstaff 26KSB, and me. Even with the minor set back our experience with BOS has been absolutely wonderful. We recommend Bayou Outdoor Supercenter in Bossier City, Louisiana and here’s why.

Every conversation with Rick was pleasant, courteous and timely. Within 5 minuets of pulling into the BOS lot and handing the truck keys over to the yard manager, the trailer was unhitched, parts were unbolted from the old rig added to the new one, and our old rig was parked parallel with the new one so the entry doors were apposing each other.

Rick, Dan, Anthony






Deb, Christian

Christian (finance person) was very accommodating and allowed us privilege to have our mail forwarded to her care. I was in need of medical supplies that were previously stolen, so this was very important. Christian also took care of several personal documents that needed to be printed, in addition to the SD vehicle registration paper work. We purchased a (7) year full coverage protection plan costing $400 more than the (2) year full coverage protection plan. For a numbers geek Christian has a very evident fellowship sprit.

James, Dan

By the time we finished in Christian’s office James (service technician) had begun working on trying to configure our old fold down rack to the new unit while also incorporating the bike rack, and spare tire. Due to manufacturing dissimilarity this could not be done. James fashioned what we needed, a bike rack and spare tire mounted on the rear bumper. This all happened while Anthony (service technician) was giving us a walk through our new Flagstaff 26FKSB.

Jeff (parts manager) helped us with a surge protector – which we understand to be necessary with problematic campgrounds. This new rig has several grey water tanks.   Now we need a “WHY” attachment, and more sewer hose in order to keep the environment clean. I guess we gotta buy some lawn chair holders too. Thanks for the 500 page accessory catalog/wish list Jeff.

Accessory catalog

Transitioning stuff to the new rig took an unbelievable 3.5 hours. We did not get back to our campsite until 7:30 pm. Saturday morning we realized the rig’s converter was not charging the batteries. The 12-volt lights were dimming; Deb wondered if there was a dimmer switch that got bumped. We are plugged into a 120 volt 50 amp post, but the 12-volt power supply for lights and slide out operation was not happening. “Great, here it is Saturday 10:30 am and we need some help!”

Jody (service technician) walked me though what could be the problem, and offered his personal cell number so we would have contact after the service department’s closing time 12:00. The service department and sales store are in two locations several blocks from each other. Further assistance was needed and Renee (sales receptionist) made sure Chad (service technician manager) from the sales location received our distress call.   In short order Chad grabbed up some tools and drove 30 minutes to our campsite. Chad confirmed the convertor was toast and hooked us up with a temporary charging device. Bless Chad’s heart, he offered to make a second trip back with a replacement converter. We are now functioning with what we need until our Tuesday service appointment which all started with a failed bathroom fan. The converter replacement will wait until then.

Yes it’s a bummer, hassle, and inconvenient, but fails occur. Lawn mowers and snow blowers do not start, water heaters stop working, sinks leak, garage doors break, airline flights are canceled, etc. God is still in control, and we refuse to let Satin steal our joy.

First night with new Flagstaff 26FKSB


3 thoughts on “Keeping the joy, you betcha!

  1. Hi Dan. This is Scotty D. I like the new trailer! I hung out in your old cube today for awhile talking to Pete. We all miss you a lot so it is very nice to be able to keep connected via the website. Hope you both have a very fun weekend. Take care.


    1. Thanks for saying that Scott. I am felling a little homesick. A regular routine would be nice. Doing business on the move is difficult. We rather not wait for parts, and driving back for a repair is unfortunate. We may kayak in a bayou today. People say gators are dormant now.


  2. Caught up on the blog, love it! Kudos to Deb and yourself for daring to do something most people only talk about. I look forward to reading of your future adventures. One tip while in the south, if you haven’t already eat at a Waffle House its the best.


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