“Free!! No way, ay”


Tim and Eva, a very lovely couple bought a used tiny trailer, and are visiting the U.S. for several months. They were able to purchase the National Parks and Recreational Lands Pass even though they are residents of Ontario. The pass is good for one year, where as ours is for lifetime. (Approximately 40 more years.)  I commented to Tim of his relaxed persona, he smiled and let me know of his retirement 8 years ago, Eva just recently.


They find places to stay using Boondockers Welcome. The website will search FREE!! places to overnight. I gotta check this out. The site finds places for overnight or longer to stay.  You have an opportunity to rate your stay, and the owners will also be able to rate you. Deb already has a five star ratting so I’ll let her be the front person. The participants of boondockerswelcome are other Recreation Vehicle (RV) travel enthusiasts. Tim and Eva’s experiences have all been positive with the website. I asked if our rig would be too large for boondockerswelcome they said, “No way, for sure you could stay, Ay.”

Runnin’ with the big dogs now!!


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