Save it here, spend it there.

It went something like this, “Let’s go out for breakfast.” “OK, where?” “Here’s one, the Ugly Café.” “OK”. We discover the restaurant was closed. I should have taken a photo, it was very ugly. A very busy restaurant was only 2 blocks away, Lea’s.  Lea Johnson had a good thing going at one point, but now the food is over priced industrial grade prison food. The menu was on the black board -Turkey, Ham, Fried Chicken, and choice of two sides. “What no omelets?” It was a disappointing meal, everything was out of a can except of my small piece of ham, and Deb’s cubed turkey. Hard to believe we dropped $37.00 plus tip for mush

and a piece of pie. Three hours later we ate again at Logan’s Road House and shared a rack of ribs. “Yum.” That was last Sunday, Deb finished out her day doing laundry at the campground, I started customizing the rig with magnets and hooks. More on that later.

Note – black board menu



Lea was on “Johnny Carson.”







Monday was a big win. Vince’s (camping neighbor) strong recommendation for Kincaid Recreation Area took us on a small adventure. We checked out the campgrounds, (very nice) and hiked for 90 minutes. It’s amazing how some areas are like a summer northern MN day, large pine and all. Here’s the cool part, with our “America The Beautiful” senior pass, the $15.00 camping fee is reduced to $9.50. We may move. In one more day the new MacBook Air is available for sale. Save it here, spend it there.

Reading about alligators. Deb prefers saying “Gators”
Alligator watch
This could be MN.
We did see a 4′ alligator here.
Craw daddy on the trail
Note – $15.00 camping fee. Electric/water and a dump station.
Yellow flowers, photo taken from a bridge in National Park.
Bales of cotton along the road side. The ground is saturated, very wet conditions, probably to wet to load.

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