Windshield Glass Chip

Calling to transfer our travel trailer insurance coverage from one unit to the other, the agent discovered a 2-year-old claim. “Looks as if I have to remove your claim free discount.” “What was the claim?” “Looks like you had a glass chip repaired two years ago.” “So how much does this affect my rate?” with a few more key strokes the agent reply is “$115.00” Needing the coverage I accepted an annual increase of $230.00 all because of a previous windshield glass chip repair. Never mind I had auto coverage with this Insurance Company for over 25 years.

The next day I called Progressive and GEICO. GEICO won hands down. Not only do they cover travel trailers, the manufacturer of our rig, Forest River has a relationship with GEICO. I will pay $392/year less, and also have roadside assistance that will send (2) tow trucks if necessary. One for the Very Tall RAM, and one for the travel trailer. In addition the specialized RV coverage also provides $10,000 theft protection, and an additional $100,000 of liability coverage if someone is injured at our campsite. For instance if a passer by trips over my receiver hitch, falls and busts their jaw, it’s covered. It could happen.

The call to cancel our coverage where the glass chip police worked didn’t take long. The Insurance agent did ask why I was canceling my coverage. I told her my story, and I did take some pleasure in explaining how I would be paying $392/year less. The agent asked if I was interested in having our policy reviewed and look for some savings, I said “No Thanks.”

Catch up with the GEICO Gecko here.

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2 thoughts on “Windshield Glass Chip

  1. Yep, I also switched to Geico last summer after my auto rates were raised (for no reason other than my 2008 car was “reclassified”). Geico was by far the best deal. Interestingly, however, I called to see if my mom should switch. Since she has State Farm, I assumed Geico would beat them (State Farm has a reputation of higher rates). They couldn’t.

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