Kiss my Bay

Pigs and wild boars are a problem at Fontainebleau State Park.  They root up the ground looking for acorns. The staff tells me there are over 200 pigs rooting around. It has been 3 years since they last dealt with the dirty little piggies. Lake Pontchartrain separates the park from New Orleans. Monday we will stay in the New Orleans KOA. State Parks, National Forests, Parish Parks do not allow for mail holding, where as private camp areas such as KOA’s do. Deb called ahead, made reservations, and confirmed they will hold our mail for our arrival. My friends at Amazon also sent some things.

Fontainebleau Park staff

The Moss on Live Oaks is very dramatic. The Live Oak leaves do not resemble a Red or White Oak at all. I would not have identified the trees as oaks. Pigs do.

There is a 31 mile paved bike trail that runs through the park. We biked 7 miles yesterday. Up to now it has been to cold to bike. So cold I bought some RV antifreeze for the rig. I’m not excited about pumping it into the water system, but I will if I have too.

It’s been 6 weeks since we closed on the house and put down the stabilizers for the first time. We have met many interesting, helpful, endearing children of God over the weeks. Julian and Carole for example.

Julian and Carole

The unfamiliar license plate caught my attention and a self-introduction took place. Julian and Carole started planning their adventure 3 years ago, 6 months after meeting. The 1974 VW Bay window bus brought them together. They renovated the interior to suit their needs, including a heater. The heater alone made for excitement in Philadelphia when a concerned citizen called the fire dept when they saw smoke coming out of it. The Fire department arrived in full force, exciting wake up call.

I’d guess they are both almost age 30. They left home with their parent’s best wishes, Carole’s mom also traveled back in her hippy days. Carole does online French tutoring; Julian has more of a corporate role, and also works online. They were down to a very valuable 2-gigabyte reserve when we met. I’m starting to appreciate data plans myself. Free dependable fast WiFi is sketchy.

They left France, started in Canada, and worked down the east coast, and get this,,,,,,,, they are going to Argentina. Then Malaysia, or Timbuktu, I can’t remember. A most exciting young couple indeed. They have a web site  Currently the site is done in French, the photos are incredible. The VW bus that brought them together is referred to as a bay window bus.   Hence the name “kiss my bay”. It took Carole some careful explaining when she offered me their logo sticker, “Kiss my Bay.”

rig park
Site 54
life oak
Live Oak
Park Nature Trail
Live Oak
Lake Pontchartrain
pont 4
Damaged board walk
Wild Bore, and piggie rooting.

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